Python2Golang — The Solution to All Pythonista Complaints

A project to use NLP Transformers to convert every Python file into a Golang equivalent.

Thomas Cherickal
4 min readJul 18, 2022
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Python Into Golang (with Eleuther-Ai)

Create Golang libraries for AI, ML, DS, BLKCHN, QC, QAI, and everything else for which Python is today used. My personal open source project. We use Eleuther-Ai since it has no licensing requirements.

We plan to monetize contributors to this project by rewarding a community-chosen amount of Hedera Hashgraph token(hbar) for every commit automatically (smart contracts).

Everyone loves Python. It’s so simple to use. But it comes with Problems.

For AI or ML or Blockchain or IoT or Quantum, these are the common cross-cutting problems across domains:

  1. Speed: Python is interpreted initially and has the GIL as a barrier to parallel speed-up.
  2. Encapsulation: Python does not enforce data hiding, which causes confusion on large projects.
  3. Python does not work on all platforms (desktop, mobile, tablet, embedded, web) with the same code base.
  4. The AI, ML, Blockchain, Hashgraph, DLT, Quantum, Crypto, DeFi, Edge, NLP, and IoT programs have to do that in the near future with device and platform convergence.
  5. Python interoperability is poor. Newer languages like Julia practically work with every current language.
  6. Python does not enforce or easily enable TDD. I believe TDD is the only way to develop and is the future of all development.
  7. Python has extremely low to no concurrency support. Other languages have concurrency built-in.

Now we have GPT-3 and Eleuther-Ai. It allows you to translate between languages.

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I want to develop an open-source transformer optimized to convert Python code to Go code.

My argument is that Golang is an infinitely better language than Python, but it has no similar library ecosystem.

This project is a cross-domain endeavor to address that problem.

Golang has the following highly desirable properties:

  1. Speed. Golang is compiled to native code on every platform and runs extremely fast.
  2. Golang has language support for encapsulation through using the Upper-case or Lower-case words.
  3. Golang works on every platform that exists today. Better than even Flutter in this regard.
  4. With one code base, Golang works on all platforms (desktop, mobile, tablet, embedded, web) — emphasis.
  5. With the convergence of devices and platforms, I know Golang is the best language for the future.
  6. Go interoperability rivals that of Julia and overtakes it, in fact.
  7. Test-Driven-Development is built into Golang, as is Version Control.
  8. Go is the best language for concurrency worldwide. It has powerful support for parallel programming.

But — the code base it has for libraries is tiny compared to Python, which has a mega-ocean of the biggest ecosystem of open-source libraries on the planet.

Python2Golang aims to convert every possible library in Python into Golang. Using customized versions of NLP Transformers.

That is the mission statement of this project.

We need a community — we need developers, testers, software architects, technical writers, blockchain experts, machine learning experts, reinforcement learning experts, and technical leads — this will be one of the most massive projects on the World Wide Web, ever.

And it is monetizable.

I propose that after the code passes all tests, reviews and is integrated into each library, every person who worked on that feature will be rewarded with one hbar per committee-managed unit of work. So this can actually be a viable full-time job.

I will have admin access to the entire project. But my contributions will be rewarded in the exactly same way that everyone else is rewarded.

There is also a review committee that has to be formed.

Hackers (ethical), white hat hackers, crackers (ethical) and white hat stress testers who find bugs, will be rewarded with massive bug bounties.

This is a massive project with excellent scope.

I officially call upon both Google and Hedera Hashgraph for official support, adoption of this project, sponsorship, startup funding, and blockchain-cryptocurrency payouts, only in Hedera Hashgraph’s hbar (there are massive reasons to choose this token. I firmly believe it will overtake Bitcoin one day).

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