Platforms for Elite Freelancers with Elite Payments (100–800 USD per post)

And here I am on Upwork getting paid 10 USD for similar quality products!

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This entire article is a pointer to another Medium article, available below:

This little gem of an articlehas 160+ platforms for writers with elite skills.

By that, I do not mean just programming, design, or technological skills alone.

It means exceptional writing skills, coupled with expertise in any area.

There are avenues for both technical and non-technical articles.

Bookmark the article above, save it to your reading list, or save this article as a pointer to the most well-paid writing jobs on the Internet today.

If you’re a developer in any programming language —

If you are an expert in UX and design —

If you are passionate and have specialized knowledge of anything (and I do mean anything)

Apply to one of the sources listed above.

They pay anywhere between 50 USD and 500 USD!

Don’t bother applying if your English is not perfect in every way.

But if you can write like a native English speaker —

The list of websites in the curated article above is the place where you want to apply, depending upon your dominant skill.

I work in Machine Learning, Blockchain, Crypto, Dart & Flutter, and Quantum Computing — with Python, Julia, Go, Flutter & Dart, and F# — with F# being my tool of choice — so this post is a treasure. A gold/platinum/diamond mine of potential income that can reach very, very high levels per month! And I use TDD, DDD, and BDD. (Google if you want to know)

This is my lifetime dream come true.

A million thanks to Aurora for all the hard work you’ve put in.

You’ve just opened a million-dollar diamond mine to those who persist.

In case you missed it, this is the article:

Find your passion area and write about it! And really, really, earn.

Throw away Upwork for the slave driver that it is.

What Do I Do If I Am Not a Native-English Level Writer?

Watch English movies that are entertaining. I recommend Marvel movies. All 23 of them. And throw in the LOTR trilogy and the Hobbit trilogy too! And don’t forget Zack’s Snyder Cut Justice League.

That is the most enjoyable and most fun way to learn native-level English.

And you know the best way to get all these movies. For the sake of ethics, I recommend YouTube.

Watch your way to English fluency. Trust me, it works.

Another excellent show: Mind Your Language. This is a group of international student learning English and it is fantastically funny. Hilarious.

So, what are you waiting for? All the best!

Once again, the Writing Listicle by Aurora:

YouTube Movies

Mind Your Language Comedy Series

And no, these are not affiliate links!

Have a blast!


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