My Annoying Computer

Thomas Cherickal
2 min readJul 18, 2023

On the lighter side of things

Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions on Unsplash

In this digital realm where circuits reside,

Where machines rule with an unyielding stride,

I shall compose a verse, a heartfelt plea,

To express the annoyances that computers decree.

Oh, computers, you wield such power and might,

Yet, at times, your presence brings no delight.

With every click and beep, a cacophony of sound,

You disrupt my peace, as I try to be profound.

Your updates, oh relentless, never-ending streams,

Interrupt my work, as if haunting my dreams.

Just when I’m focused, lost in creative flow,

You demand attention, as if you truly know.

Photo by Ivana Cajina on Unsplash

Your error messages, cryptic and vague,

Leave me puzzled, in a technological maze.

A glitch here, a freeze there, you never cease,

Testing my patience, bringing me to my knees.

And let us not forget the endless array,

Of pop-ups and ads that plague my display.

They invade my screen, uninvited guests,

Like persistent pests, they never rest.

Your passwords and usernames, a constant test,

To prove my identity, I must attest.

With each login attempt, I fear to forget,

Locked out of my own realm, a regret.

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Yet, through the frustrations, I must confess,

Without you, dear computer, I’d be in distress.

For amidst the annoyances and trials you bring,

You enable connections, and for that, I sing!

You bring knowledge, at my fingertips,

A world of information, an endless eclipse.

You connect distant hearts, bridging the divide,

And in your virtual realms, new friendships reside.

So, though you vex and try my sanity,

I acknowledge your role in this modernity.

Let us find harmony, you and I,

In this dance of frustration, where I won’t say goodbye.

Photo by Jamie Brown on Unsplash