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Introduction to Julia

For those of you who don’t know, Julia is a multiple-paradigm (fully imperative, partially functional, and partially object-oriented) programming language designed for scientific and technical (read numerical) computing. It offers significant performance gains over Python (when used without optimization and vectorized computing using Cython and NumPy). Time…

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The Day Begins

Bryan woke up with a gentle alarm in the form of the embedded chip that all humans had for interfacing with the 2050 digital device ecosystem. “So much less stressful than the antique alarm app”, he reflected.

His SiriBot AI secretary and assistant robot came up to his bedside and…

These dreams must be in service, ethical, positive, true, personal, but as unrealistic as you like. I’m serious.

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If you thought your life is over and you’ll never be good at anything, good for anything, would make no impact on the world, and are destined to lead a life of low-grade mediocrity — you are wrong. So wrong.

The only limits applicable to your life are the ones…

Our brain is also a quantum computer in absolute reality

Neuromorphic Computing

We create a multilayer connected neural network in hardware, and voila — we have a neuromorphic chip. Artificial Neural Networks can now be run as hardware. But we make a big mistake. We think we are modeling the brain. Guys —

Not even close.

Photo by Riccardo Bertolo from Pexels (Welcome to the Twilight Zone of AI)

Some pictures of the latest neuromorphic…

IBM Qiskit vs. Microsoft Q# vs. Google Cirq vs. Amazon Braket vs. Rigetti Forest

The State of Affairs

As it stands, compared to classical computing, quantum computing is now in the roughly early 1970s era with a lot of work being done at the hardware level and now, some software abstractions have been introduced. In this article, we walk you through the major six competing frameworks by showing…

I want to be honest with you. This level of opening up and being transparent about yourself is rare. You really are someone with an huge amount of courage and strength. It takes guts beyond all known imagination to open up something so personal to the world. May God bless you and heal you. And please, please, please, do share your experience at prolife debates. You've come this far. You have it within you to finish a lot of arguments before they even start. Unlimited power. This article is raw undiluted courage in real visceral life. Will remember to pray for you, everyday.

This is why God made man. This is the purpose for which you and I exist.

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For five years, Pope John Paul the 2nd (1979–1984) held weekly talks on every Wednesday on a topic he called the ‘Theology of the Body’.

From almost obscurity, this controversial yet universal teaching has been, in the words of a very famous writer, George Weigel,

“John Paul II’s theology of…

Thomas Cherickal

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