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IBM Qiskit vs. Microsoft Q# vs. Google Cirq vs. Amazon Braket vs. Rigetti Forest

The State of Affairs

As it stands, compared to classical computing, quantum computing is now in the roughly early 1970s era with a lot of work being done at the hardware level and now, some software abstractions have been introduced. In this article, we walk you through the major six competing frameworks by showing you (with code, output, and explanation) how to implement a Bell State (Hello World of Quantum Computation) in all of these frameworks (We exclude D-Wave because it is not a general-purpose quantum computing framework, it is designed only for simulated annealing and has a limited mode of operation, although it…

This is a brief summary of some sections of the research paper A Novel Autonomous (Quantum) Perceptron Model by Alaa Sagheer, Mohammed Zidan, and Mohammed M. Abdelsamea

The official citation:

Sagheer, Alaa & Zidan, Mohammed & Abdelsamea, Mohammed. (2019). A Novel Autonomous Perceptron Model for Pattern Classification Applications. Entropy. 21. 763. 10.3390/e21080763.

In many ways, I was delighted to find that quantum computation and machine learning were a natural choice for interesting research (sparking a potential career in Quantum Machine Learning as a research scientist — still waiting).

I could not get rid of the realization that if we could implement the cost function of an optimization problem, and feed data in, one instance (1 row) at a time, using quantum computing evolution, the quantum machine algorithm could be adjusted…

Introduction to Julia

For those of you who don’t know, Julia is a multiple-paradigm (fully imperative, partially functional, and partially object-oriented) programming language designed for scientific and technical (read numerical) computing. It offers significant performance gains over Python (when used without optimization and vectorized computing using Cython and NumPy). Time to develop is reduced by a factor of 2x on average. Performance gains range in the range from 10x-30x over Python (R is even slower, so we don’t include it. R was not built for speed). Industry reports in 2016 indicated that Julia was a language with high potential and…

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The Day Begins

Bryan woke up with a gentle alarm in the form of the embedded chip that all humans had for interfacing with the 2050 digital device ecosystem. “So much less stressful than the antique alarm app”, he reflected.

His SiriBot AI secretary and assistant robot came up to his bedside and spoke. “What game would you like to play today? Cricket as usual?”

Bryan smiled. The thing he liked the most about his digital devices was the virtual reality and augmented reality sports he played every day. Getting up, he grinned in anticipation. “I’ll play cricket”, he said. “I’d like to…

This You Need To Know To Survive In The Industry As A Software Engineer

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You are trying to code. Things in your mind are hazy, you are tired, frustrated, and irritated by the slow pace you are going while others are waltzing through the same exercises that you’re trying to do. And they’re having a ball! You’ve been stuck on one issue for hours! Then the spirit of discouragement seeps through you, and you think:

“Maybe Coding Isn’t For Me — Maybe Others Can Do It, But I Can’t!” (your impostor syndrome speaking)

This thought, if not addressed, can destroy your career.

You can have the potential to be a wonderful software engineer, and…

You can create your own dream life!

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Everyone has the knack to code.

Trust me, if you know your 2-times multiplication tables, you can code.

But others just sail through the books and courses — I get stuck every 5 minutes. It’s hurting!

If you get stuck every five minutes, either buy this book linked below (warning affiliate link):

Anyone Can Code: The Art and Science of Logical Creativity

Or preferably, visit this web page (this is free) when you are fresh again:

In fact —

If you’re extremely stuck or in pain — first — stop.


I want to be honest with you. This level of opening up and being transparent about yourself is rare. You really are someone with an huge amount of courage and strength. It takes guts beyond all known imagination to open up something so personal to the world. May God bless you and heal you. And please, please, please, do share your experience at prolife debates. You've come this far. You have it within you to finish a lot of arguments before they even start. Unlimited power. This article is raw undiluted courage in real visceral life. Will remember to pray for you, everyday.

This is why God made man. This is the purpose for which you and I exist.

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For five years, Pope John Paul the 2nd (1979–1984) held weekly talks on every Wednesday on a topic he called the ‘Theology of the Body’.

From almost obscurity, this controversial yet universal teaching has been, in the words of a very famous writer, George Weigel,

“John Paul II’s theology of the body is a “theological time bomb set to go off with dramatic consequences sometime in the third millennium of the Church… It has barely begun to shape the way the Church understands herself and thinks about herself barely begun to shape the Church’s preaching and education, but when it…

Introduction — Welcome to Tezos

Tezos was developed by ex-Morgan Stanley analyst Arthur Breitman and released in 2018. As a cryptocurrency, Tezos faced several problems during its infancy, but finally garnered an ICO worth of 230 million USD.

Now, this is not sponsored content, nor are we doing any advertising. But we have noticed some features that the Tezos cryptoledger (XTZ ‘tez’ cryptocurrency) has which sets it in a class of its own. Simply speaking, some of the features in Tezos are missing from many DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) stacks.

And there are several reasons to include them! Among those reasons are amendability, practicality, accuracy…

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

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Welcome to RPA

If two years ago, anyone had mentioned RPA as a trend, we would immediately think of AI and robots in general.

Not a major tech disruption across companies, across borders, across verticals, and across the entire world.

And also, a technology that has an entire country afraid of the future, because we don’t know what the final effect of this change will be.

We can hope, but the long-term effect of RPA on a nation so dependent on outsourcing of manual work — low cost work — should be huge.

However, that may…

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